Voltage Meter

Item #: VM

This is miniature voltage meter. As you can see in the pictures below, several colors (red, green, and blue) are available.  These are very small and pretty accurate. Supplies are limited so don't delay ordering if you have a need. Voltage range is 3 to 30 volts DC. Each has a simple 2-wire hookup; red to positive, black to negative. Hookup leads are 5 inches long. 

Fact sheet:
- Input: 3-30VDC, <0.25mA
- 3-digit face, 0.375" character face height, black face
- 2 readings per second; 1.0% accuracy+-
- 2 screw mounting
- W: 33mm overall  H:15mm  D: 11mm  WT: .011 gms

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