Item #: H-1 Square
Item #: H-2 Round

These headlights come in two shapes. One is square on the ends and one is round on the ends. They come with two 12 volt, 10 or12 watts halogen bulbs. Very bright. The housing is made of steel. Paintable!!

  Buy any two H-1 or H-2 or any combination of 2 headlights using the options below and save $10 on the combo.

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Item #: HB Plain MR-8 Bulb and Connectors

This is a bare 12-volt MR-8 halogen bulb. Connectors are also available. The connectors can be used on MR-8, MR-11, and MR-16 bulbs. These bulbs have a glass lens on the front.

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Item #: PS - Power Supply

This is a non-isolated, LM2596 step down adjustable DC/DC converter, switching regulator board. It is ideal for use as a point-of-use regulator.

Fact sheet:
- Input: 4.5-40VDC
-Output: 1.5-37VDC
-Rated Current: 2A (heatsink needed if output exceeds 10W)
- L: 1-3/4"  W: 13/32"  H:1/2"

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Item #:HBZ-1 Headlight Bezel

This headlight bezel is similar to the Morris headlight shown below but it is more detailed and is a finer grain casting. The number boards on the side are open for you to add your engine number. My LEDs fit this bezel perfectly.

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Item #:H-6 Morris Headlight

These headlights are made for Morris engines. They are super bright LEDs mounted to a reflector and have a lens and a snap ring. The aluminum ring can be painted as needed. These will make your headlight look more realistic. They can be wired for bright and dim using a DPDT switch. These can be hooked up to 12 volts. Everything that you need to hook them up to 12 volts is included. All you have to do to make these fit the headlight bezel is file the openings a little and they will fit snug in the opening. Headlight bezel not included.

Play movie of the light
H-6 - $50 per pair

Item #: H-7 - LED Headlight

These are the latest LED lights to hit the market. They are super bright but consume very little power. They put out a beam as well as a big circle of light. The lights comes pre-mounted in a PSC head light bezel and ready to hook up to any 12 volt source. It will be very easy to add this nice touch to virtually any locomotive. It can be wired for bright or dim with a DPDT switch (not included).

H-7 - $80 each

Item #: H-8 Mars Headlight

This Mars headlight is fully operational and looks really great. I have one on my GP30 and get a lot of comments on how great it looks. I have the circuit for any type of headlight, single or double. The video is of my GP30 that has 2 halogen 12 volt 12 watt bulbs. Pricing depends on the circuit needed. Call for a price quote for your headlight design.  For example, a double halogen setup is $100.

NOTE: Item H-8 is a Mars headlight circuit only. It does not include any bulbs or headlight hardware. Headlight assemblies and bulbs are available for purchase separately.

Play movie of Mars Light in action! Call for pricing!