Electric Circuits and Sounds

I offer several different 12 volt and one 120 volt (household) electric circuits that do a variety of things.

Train Sounds

I offer seven different circuits that make train sounds. One circuit is a grade crossing bell. One is a diesel engine bell. Five are a diesel horns, all blowing for a grade crossing. However you can blow the horns as you like. The five horns are not the same sound.

Purchase one of the the following sounds along with an amp or speaker (or all three) using the options below and save up to $10 on the combo.

Item #: E-1 #1 Horn
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Item #: E-2 #2 Horn
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Item #: E-6 Diesel Bell
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Item #: E-7 Grade Crossing
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Item #: E-11 Amplifier

This is a 12-volt amplifier for use with all the electric sound circuits on this page. If you have a locomotive with the a gasoline engine this amp is a must to hear the sounds over the gasoline engine. For electric locomotives you may not absolutely need this amp but it will make your engine standout in the crowd!

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Flasher Circuits

Item #: E-8 Flasher Circuit, 12 volts
Item #: E-9 Flasher Circuit, 110 volts

This circuit comes in either 12 volt (on left in photo ) or 110 volt (on right in photo). It will make lights flash back and forth like grade crossing lights (its original use) but can be used for what ever you want.

    E-8 - $80 each

    E-9 - $80 each

Ditch Light

Item #: E-10 

This circuit operates on 12 volts. It is connected to your horn button and ditch lights and will make your ditch lights flash back and forth for 16 seconds. If your ditch lights are already flashing and you blow the horn again the circuit will reset for 16 more seconds.

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4-LED Flasher

Item #: E-12

This circuit will make your engine beacon look like the real thing. The circuit flashes four white LEDs in sequence to make it appear to be turning like the real flashing yellow lights. You can use up to four LEDs, two per each side of the circuit. Check out the videos of the beacon light.

  E-12 - $20 each

Super  Bright LEDs

Item PL-4

Four pre-wried super bright white LEDs. Ready to hook up to the flasher circuit (E-12) that I sell. Hook them up in sequence and they will flash like the light is revolving.


  PL-4 - $20 each


Item #: E-13

This is a weather-proof speaker for all the sound circuits.

  E-13 - $20 each