Ditch Lights

We now offer two different size ditch light housings. Both are CNC machined from solid aluminum billet. These are prototype-operating ditch lights for the 7 ½ in. gauge model railroader. Using the electrical circuit we sell, our ditch lights operate just like the prototype on the real railroad. To operate, turn your ditch lights on when you begin running and they have a steady beam until you blow your horn. When you blow your horn the ditch lights will flash back and forth for 16 seconds and will return to steady at the end of the cycle. Every time you blow the horn, even if the lights are already flashing, they will reset and flash for 16 seconds.

Ditch Light Housings

These housings are CNC cut from solid aluminum billet. They have a hole already drilled and tapped (10-32) on one side for mounting. Light units are not included. Multiple unit discounts apply to purchase.

Item #: DLH-Halogen

This housing is sized to fit an MR8 halogen bulb. I carry the bulbs and connectors for it (see below). If you use the connectors they will stick out of the housing. I provide a 3/4" PVC cap that fits in the housing to hold the connector and bulb in place. You will have to drill the cap where you want the wires to exit the cap. You can attach wires directly to the two prongs of the bulb as an alternative. A plate for the back side of the housing will be needed in this case. If you need any help please contact me for assistance.


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Item #: DLH-LED

This housing is smaller than the DLH-Halogen above and these use LED lighting. They are also CNC machined and are drilled and tapped on the side for a 10-32 mounting screw but also have four (4) holes on the back that are tapped for 4-40 screws if you prefer to surface mount them..


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Item #: HB Plain MR-8 Bulb and Connectors

This is a bare 12-volt MR-8 halogen bulb. Connectors are also available. The connectors can be used on MR-8, MR-11, and MR-16 bulbs.

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Item #: PS - Power Supply

This is a non-isolated, LM2596 step down adjustable DC/DC converter, switching regulator board. It is ideal for use as a point-of-use regulator.

Fact sheet:
- Input: 4.5-40VDC
-Output: 1.5-37VDC
-Rated Current: 2A (heatsink needed if output exceeds 10W)
- L: 1-3/4"  W: 13/32"  H:1/2"

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Item #: LL-LED

These are LED lights for the DLH-LED housing shown above. The LEDs come with the reflector attached and a lens to fit the front of the reflector. The reflector is sized perfectly to fit in the DLH-LED housing. These are the same LED lights I sell for the Morris engine.

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