Order Form

Our order form can be found here. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view it (it can be downloaded free here). The order form can be filled out interactively and printed or can be printed and filled in by hand...your choice!

Price List

Please notice the "Discount Code" next to some items. You will find an explanation of each code at the bottom of this page. The discounts can save you some money depending on the quantity and type of item being ordered.

Item Number / Description Price Discount Code  
Air Horns    
AH3 3-chime Nathan Air Horn Kit $37 ea  
AH5 5-chime Nathan Air Horn Kit $49 ea  
NH-1 Nathan Air Horn #1 $12 ea  
NH-2 Nathan Air Horn #2 $8.50 ea  
NH-3 Nathan Air Horn #3 $7 ea  
NH-4 Nathan Air Horn #4 $6 ea  
NH-5 Nathan Air Horn #5 $5 ea  
NH-M Nathan Air Horn Mount $8.50 ea  
Air Tanks      
ATR-1 Air Tank - Style 1 $18 ea    
ACYL-1 Air Cylinder $15 ea    
ACYL-2 Air Cylinders $25 pair    
F-1 - Fire Cracker $5 ea  
Bell Crank Bracket    
KBB - Bell Crank Bracket $1.50 ea  
Brake Wheels    
BWM Modern Brake Wheel $5 ea  
BWO Old-style Brake Wheel $5 ea  
BWK Brake Wheel Kit $20 ea K  
ABH Ajax Brake Housing $10 ea  
BWK-1 Ajax Brake Wheel Kit $22 ea  
BP Brakeman Platform $3 ea  
BPS Brakeman Platform Supports $1.50 pair    
PBW 22in Peacock Brake Wheel $14 ea    
Caboose Marker Lights    
C-2 Brass, Stationary $125 pr    
C-3 Brass, Rotating $150 pr    
Car Parts    
LK Alumunum Ladder Kit $12 ea  
GE Gondola End $40 pair  
BCD Box Car Door $12.50 ea  
Chain and Hooks    
CH Chain $1.50 per foot    
Ditch Light Housings    
DLH-Halogen (Housings Only) $60 pr    
DLH-Halogen Housings (pr),Bulbs, and Connectors $80    
DLH-Halogen Housings (pr) plus Circuit $130    
DLH-Halogen Housings (pr) + Bulbs + Connectors + Circuit $160    
DLH-LED (Housings Only) $70 pr    
DLH-LED Housings (pr) and LED bulbs w/reflectors $110  
DLH-LED Housings (pr) and Circuit $140    
DLH-LED Housings (pr) + LEDs w/ reflectors + Circuit $180    
Door Handles    
DHS Switcher Door Handle $1.50 ea  
DHSQ Square EMD Handle $1.50 ea  
DHRD Round EMD Handle $1.50 ea  
BCDH - Box Car Door Handle $20 set    
Door Stop    
DS-1 Door Stop $8.00 ea  
Electric Circuits    
E-1 #1 Horn $50 ea B  
E-2 #2 Horn $50 ea B  
E-6 Diesel Bell $50 ea B  
E-7 Grade Bell $50 ea B  
E-8 Flasher, 12 volt $80 ea  
E-9 Flasher, 110 volt $80 ea  
E-10 Ditch Light $80 ea    
E-10 Ditch Light w/ Large Housings $130 ea    
E-10 Ditch Light w/ Small Housings $130 ea    
E-11 Amplifier $30 ea B  
E-12 4-LED Sequence Flasher $20 ea    
PL-4 Super Bright LEDs $20 set of 4    
E-13 Speaker $20 ea B  
Engine Brake Kit      
EBK-1 Engine Brake Kit $18 ea    
Fan Grill    
FG-1 EMD Fan Grill $29 ea  
Fire Extinguisher    
F-2 Model Fire Extinguisher $6 ea  
Flag Holders and Flags      
FH-1 Flag Holder $30 pair    
FR-1 - Red Flags $5 ea    
FY-1 Yellow Flags $5 ea    
FW-1 White Flags $5 ea    
FG-1 - Green Flags $5 ea    
U.S. Flag $10 ea    
F-9 #9 Frog $28 ea M  
F-11 #11 Frog $28 ea M  
Fuel Filler Cap      
FC-1 Fuel Filler Cap $3.75 ea    
Fuel Gauge      
FG-1 Fuel Gauge $3.75 ea    
Grab Irons    
GIA - Style A - 2 in $1.50 ea  
GIA - Style A - 2-1/4 in $1.50 ea  
GIA - Style A - 2-1/2 in $1.50 ea  
GIB - Style B - 2 in $1.50 ea  
GIB - Style B - 2-1/4 in $1.50 ea  
GIB - Style B - 2-1/2 in $1.50 ea  
GIC - Style C - 2 in $1.50 ea    
GIC - Style C - 2-1/4 in $1.50 ea    
GIC - Style C - 2-1/2 in $1.50 ea    
CGSQ - Square Caboose $2 ea  
CGRD - Curved Caboose $2 ea  
Hand Rail Stanchions      
HRS- Hand Rail Stanchions $5 ea    
HRS-1 Hand Rail Stanchions - Short $3.50 ea    
HRS-2 Hand Rail Stanchions - Long $3.50 ea    
Head Lights    
H-1 Square Ends $70 ea C  
H-2 Round Ends $70 ea C  
H-6 Morris Headlights $50 per pair    
H-7 LED Headlight $80 each    
H-8 Mars Headlight call for pricing    
HB-1 MR-8 Halogen Bulb, one $8 ea  
HB-2 MR-8 Halogen Bulb, two $15 (pair)    
HBC-1, Connector, one $8 ea    
HBC-2 Connector, two $15 (pair)    
HB-1 and HBC-1 $15    
HBZ-1 Headlight Bezel $34 ea    
HBZ-1 Headlight Bezel + LEDs Combo $80    
HBZ-1 Headlight Bezel + LEDs + Power Supply Combo $85    
Headlight Shade    
HS - Headlight Shade $12 ea  
HK Hook $1.25 ea    
Miscellaneous Detail Parts    
KBC Klausing Bell Crank $5.50 ea  
AHGH Angle Valve, etc $7.50 ea  
MUC - MU Cast Hose Connectors $2.50 ea  
HLB Cast Headlight Bezel $18 ea  
BS Cast Brake Shackel $1.75 ea  
CLB Cut Lever Barckets $1.25 ea  
LR Lift Ring with Nut $2.50 ea  
ABDX ADBX Triple Valve $24 ea  
MU Hoses and Bracket    
MUB-1 - MU Hoses and Bracket $27 per set    
Power Supply    
PS - Power Supply $10 ea    
Reefer Kit    
RK - Reefer Kit $120 ea    
Safety Chain Plate      
SCP-1 Safety Chain Plate $4 ea    
Sand Hatch      
SH-1 Sand Hatch $10 ea    
Steam Engine Classification Lights    
SE-1 Class Lights $150 pr  
Stake Pockets    
SP Cast Stake Pocket $2.75 ea  
Step Lights    
SL - Step Lights $4.50 ea  
SL-1 Low-twist Stirrups $2 ea F  
SH-2 High-twist Stirrups $2 ea F  
PSC Stirrup $2 ea  
PSC-1 Underbody Stirrup $2 ea    
Switch Points      
SP-1 - Switch Points $45 (set of 2) N M  
Switch Throws    
EST-2 Electric Switch Throw $90 ea J M  
EST-3 Switch Throw Handle $15 ea    
Voltage Meter      
VM $10 ea    
VM-3 - three of mixed colors $25    

Form of Payment

I take personal checks, money orders, or cash. Please make all payments out to "David C. Barfield".

Shipping Charges

A flat rate of $12 is charged for shipping and handling in the USA. For foreign orders, exact charges will be computed using UPS, FEDX, or DHL. Please call for a quote.

Discount Codes

B - buy any sound circuit along with an amp or speaker and save $5. Buy all three (amp, speaker, and circuit) and save $10

C - buy any two H-1 or H-2 or any combination of 2 headlights and get a $10 discount

D - buy any two of the same headlight and get a $10 discount

E - buy flashing circuit and prewired white LEDs as a set and get a $10 discount.

F - buy four and get a $2 discount

H - buy 2 for $15

J - Quantity discounts available. Please call to place an order. All applicable quantity discounts and shipping charges will be handled at that time.

K - Please specifiy choice of brake wheel to be included in the kit.

L - This item requires a special $45 shipping fee.

M - Required extra shipping charges. Please call for a quote.

N - Quantity discount available. The 6th set (or more) are only $40 per set.