Welcome to Flashers R Us!

We supply a variety of quality flashing, blinking, and lighting products for the model railroader. Primarily this is for the 7-1/2" gauge, 1/8th scale modeler although many items can be used in other scales.

Attention: Due to illness, I will be temporarily unable to take any orders for the next 3-4 weeks. Please check back again. This banner will be removed as soon as I am able. Thanks for you patience.

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Some of our products are shown below but there are many more!! Click on any of the pictures below to see more information about the product or use the Products link to see the full list. Look around and see what we have. Enjoy!

Caboose Markers Electric Switch Throw Electric Circuits and Sounds Ditch Lights Steel Body for Plum Cove locos
My Locomotive
Headlights Classification Lights Stirrups Power Supply My Locomotive
EMD Fan Grill Voltage Meter MU Hoses/Bracket
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