About Flashers R Us

Hello and welcome to Flashers R Us, a 100% American company. I’ve been in the train hobby some 30 odd years. At first it was model trains, HO scale. In 1990 I went to my first live steam meet in Duluth GA. It was the North Georgia Live Steamers group. Then and there I wanted to get into the live steam side of the hobby. But I couldn’t afford it. As time passed I lost some of the desire for that scale. I was producing model train shows in my home town of Columbus, GA in 2000 and one of the locals ask if I would be interested in going to Largo, FL to a live steam meet. Right away I accepted and we went the next week. I got bit good this time. My bride and I discussed getting into live steam on the trip home. We decided that we could buy something used. It wasn’t long before some used equipment came up for sale and I bought it. We were in!! We have been since 2000. My wife enjoys the hobby as much as I do.

The name Flashers R Us came about because I built a railroad flasher for myself. I put it on display at my train show. Well everybody wanted to buy it. I turned down all offers. After the show a good friend‘s wife asked me to make her husband one for Christmas. I did and a lot of people found out. Well one thing led to another and I was in the business of building them. I’d do train shows and sold quite a few. Then I got a website and acquired the domain name Flashers R Us. They have quit selling and their production came to an end. Can’t change the name ‘cause I’ve handed out a lot of business cards the past eight years. If I changed the name people won’t know how to find me.

While in this hobby I’ve looked around to see what was on the market for sale. A lot of things I wanted for myself were not available. I would make what I wanted and decided to make extra to sell. I’ve made and produced products for myself and to see if other people wanted them also. Turns out they do. I also sell other companies’ products. I’m not trying to make a living because you can’t. I sell for two reasons. I thoroughly enjoy selling and interacting with the people that come to see what I have. If they buy, it makes me feel good that they think enough of my workmanship and product to buy them. Second, I sell to help pay the expenses to go to the meets. I’m retired and on fixed income and if I didn’t sell, you wouldn’t see my lovely face at the meets. Besides, making the products keeps me busy and somewhat out of my wife’s hair.

There is only one way to do anything and that’s the right way. If I can’t do it right I don’t do it. I always try to make my products the best I can. All my products are for you to enjoy and after buying from me if you are not completely happy with it when you receive it, I’ll refund your money, No exceptions. All electronics circuits are guaranteed for one full year. If it fails, you return it to me and if the product fails to work as intend due to nothing you’ve done. I’ll replace it and refund you your shipping cost.

I’m also a dealer for Precision Steel Car Co., Locomotion Car Co., Sweeney Headlights, Parker switch throws, and Godshall Andrews trucks. If you make a product and want me to sell it for you, give me a call. Call me for all your railroad needs. I sell for the same price they sell it for.

That’s enough about me. I’m just keeping ‘er on the main line here in Bleecker Junction, AL. Have a good day!!

David C. Barfield
PO Box 489
Smith Station, AL 36877

Email: drgwrr1@gmail.com

Home: 334-298-3284
Cell: 706-570-0688